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Organic Dairy Products - All Year Long!

At our farm-located factory, we create four primary products: Yogourt, Kefir, Low Fat Kefir, and Sour Cream. In addition to selling these at our on-site store, we also sell them at health food stores around Ontario. Depending on inventory levels from local farmers, we may also carry additional health products.

Organic Yogurt

At Pinehedge Farms, we believe in providing our customers with the best quality yogurt possible. Unlike other brands that often contain powdered milk solids or artificial sweeteners, our yogurt contains only active bacterial cultures and organic whole milk – nothing more, nothing less. As a result, we’re confident that you’ll appreciate the taste and texture of our yogurt – it’s like nothing else on the market!

Organic Kefir

Kefir, often called the “champagne of milk products,” is a fermented milk beverage that started in the Caucasian mountains of Russia. Its many health benefits and associations with longevity have made it revered for centuries. Our kefir is only ever made from pure cultures and non-homogenized organic milk. You will love Pinehedge Farms Kefir whether you are trying it for the first time or rediscovering its taste.

Organic Low-Fat Kefir

For those who want a healthier alternative, we offer a low-fat option for our Kefir brand.

Organic Sour Cream

Unlike big factory brands, our sour cream at Pinehedge Farms is made old-fashioned. We begin by separating the cream from the milk using traditional methods. Then, we pasteurize it (but not homogenize it) and add the culture to turn it into delicious sour cream.

Flax Oil

The Clatworthy family produces flax oil on their farm in Glen Andrew, across the valley from us. This product is packed with Omega-3, the same healthy fatty acid also found in cod liver oil. You can find it regularly in our store here on the farm.

Where to Buy

Our Products are currently available at select retailers in Ontario and Quebec.

Pinehedge Farms R.R. #2, St. Eugene, Ontario Canada, K0B-1P0