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Pinehedge Farms strives to provide customers with the best organic dairy products possible.


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About us

Are you looking for organic dairy products? Pinehedge Farms has been providing its customers with them for decades! The difference is in the taste, and the taste at Pinehedge Farms is organic! It all starts with our cows. Since 2018, they have been living in a luxurious state-of-the-art modern barn – which we call an all-inclusive vacation resort for cows. The animals go outside to pasture every day (as long as the weather allows), always have access to their salad bar and feed in the manger. They also get a small treat each time they enter the milking robot. Our cows are on an organic grass-fed diet, except for a little grain they get while getting milked. The grain is more like a treat and helps them keep their diet balanced.

Our Process

Pinehedge Farms Products

Our factory, located on a farm, produces four main items:

Organic Yogourt

Organic Kefir

Organic Low-Fat Kefir

Organic Sour Cream

Why Choose Us?

Pinehedge Farms strives to provide customers with the best organic dairy products possible. Our commitment to quality and customer service is unmatched in the industry. We are passionate about providing a healthy and delicious product you can trust. Our cows are raised humanely, our process is organic, and our packaging is eco-friendly.

Customers Reviews

Pinehedge yogurt , it is the best organic yogurt ever ,homemade yogurt like my mom used to make in India. Please don't ever compromise on the quality . I call it a divine yogurt , love it so very much Yummy .... thank you for the great quality, taste and consistency of the products.
Annie Hoping
Annie Hoping
Just discovered your sour cream!!! it is the best i ever tasted.....thank you!!
AK Kaikai
AK Kaikai
I want to give 6 stars. I've done many research and shopping to look for the best organic yogourt to give to my young baby back in 2019. I do not regret one bit for getting our hands on Pinehedge Farms products. I felt confident and safe to give their yogourt products to my baby back in 2019. Now with twins, I didn't hesitate but to rush back to this brand. Worth every penny to give good stuff to my children.
wilkssan wilkssan
wilkssan wilkssan
there has been a change in the ingredient. after years of buying and enjoying the product i had a very bad reaction this pass weekend. be wary in. trying.
sanuvir san
sanuvir san
Nice people, small operation but great stuff
Best yogurt around. The way real yogurt should taste! Natural and nutritious! Added bonus is that you can return your glass container! No plastic, no waste!
Mike Eremut
Mike Eremut
Friendly butca pain to entering the yard with a 53 ft trailer
Good quality yogurt!

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We were the first certified organic by pro-cert yogurt maker in Ontario. To ensure complete quality control, we do everything on our farm - from growing our own feed to using milk from our own cows to making and bottling the yogurt.

Organic farming is a thoughtful program created to improve and encourage the best soil health possible. The organic farmer foregoes chemically formulated fertilizers in order to allow the naturally-occurring nutrients in the soil to pass into crops. As a result, you'll have the most natural and healthy food products, free from chemical inputs.

We refuse to homogenize our milk here. This is because the milk contains different size fat globules in its natural state. The homogenization process makes these globules all the same size, which means that when you drink the homogenized milk, your body will absorb all the fat molecules - whether it needs them or not.

Not only does glass better preserve the taste of our yogurt, but it's also more environmentally friendly because we re-use the jars and recycle the lids.

The process of making yogurt and kefir starts with milking the cows. It happens twice a week and takes a full day from start to finish, as shown in the diagram below. 

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